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Tampa Eyebrow Lift

The eyes are one of the most important features a person has; and often, they are the first thing noticed during interactions. It is no wonder why the Tampa eyebrow lift procedure performed at Jasin Facial and Body Rejuvenation Institute is important to so many patients. As we age, gravity and muscle action depress the eyebrows. Lowering of the brows causes hooding of the upper eyelids and can lead to a chronic frown, scowling, or unhappy look. For many patients, this look does not represent how they really feel, so a Tampa eyebrow lift surgery provides a solution to the problem.

An eyebrow lift serves to relieve the aging features of the upper face. Raising the eyebrows produces a more rested, pleasant look to the upper eyelids; relaxing the frown and forehead muscles reduces frown lines and forehead lines. The result of a Tampa eyebrow lift procedure is a more youthful, relaxed look to the upper face.

As with all of our procedures; from the Tampa facelift to the neck lift and injectable fillers, the Tampa eyebrow lift is performed with the utmost care to ensure that the results look natural. It is important to our plastic surgery experts that the patient looks his or her best and that the overall change in appearance meets the desired results, but also looks healthy, youthful and natural. All Tampa eyebrow lifts are performed in our state-of-the-art facility.

Eyebrow Lift Benefits

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As mentioned before, the desire to have a more youthful, relaxed facial expression can be achieved with an eyebrow lift. Patients will see benefits in the form of a reduction in frown lines, smoothing deep furrows of the forehead, lifting of drooping eyebrows and opening of the eye area. Like our Tampa facelift, this procedure can have a positive, long-lasting effect on your appearance and confidence.

Eyebrow Lift Procedure

Although endoscopic approaches for eyebrow lifts are commonplace, Dr. Dominic prefers the more traditional, open approach performed through a scalp incision. The scalp incision approach is Dr. Dominic’s preference for simple techniques that lead to an easy recovery and maximal results for the patient.

This Tampa plastic surgery procedure begins with an incision made in the scalp, over the forehead and then the skin is lifted. The frown muscles are partially removed, which eliminates the downward pull on the brows. Fibrous attachments of the brow are released so the brows can be lifted and repositioned. Finally, the excess skin is removed and the incision is closed.

Our Tampa eyebrow lift of forehead lift can be combined with the following facial procedures:


Recovery from a Tampa eyebrow lift will depend on if you combine the procedure with other facial rejuvenation surgeries like eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in Tampa. Typically, our brow lift patients can return to their normal, everyday activities within two to seven days after surgery. Patients may experience slight bruising and swelling; however, this will subside over the following weeks.

At Jasin Facial & Body Rejuvenation Institute, we strive to provide you with a simple, yet fulfilling experience. To learn more about an eyebrow lift in Tampa, please request a complimentary consultation online, or call our office at 813-975-3223.